Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No Comic Book Obscenity

Floyd County prosecutors have ended a multi year case against Legends Comic Book Store owner Gordon Lee. Officials say Lee had distributed obscene material to minors.

On Halloween night three years ago, Lee handed out over twenty two hundred comic books to costumed children. One of the comics was about Pablo Picasso, and in one of the panels, the famed artist appeared nude.

That comic ended up in the hands of two small children. Their parents brought the comic to authorities, and in all, nine charges related to obscenity were brought against Lee.

The comic book store owner found out he was cleared this Friday.

“We finally got a call from our attorney and he said it’s over. We were just ecstatic that it was finally over, just trying to put it behind us.”

Lee had to postpone his wedding to fight the charges, which cost over one hundred thousand dollars in defense fees. Free speech advocates and the comic industry paid much of that bill. Lee issued personal apologies to the family as part of the deal.